Sunrise Race
  • Sunrise Race

    9"x12" UV reactive painting on watercolor paper. 9 Bulb UV Flashlight and Chromadepth 3D Glasses included for a fully immersive GalaxSea Artworks© experience! US Shipping included ♡

    • Additional Info

      • LED Flashlight Lightbulb/LED Lifespan: 10,000 hours
      • LED Flashlight Bulb Quantity: 9
      • LED Flashlight Battery Configuration: 3 AAA batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
      • Chromadepth 3D Glasses allow you to be immersed into the different layers of this piece.
      • 9 bulb UV LED Flashlight illuminates a spectrum of fluorescent colors.
      • This painting can be framed and hung in a 9"x12" frame.
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